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"The Story of Fati Gambo" Tamazalak Women's Sewing and Knitting Cooperative

"Illa Ada and the 4 Wheelchairs"

Tinait Association of Timbuktu

Ethiopian Children's Medical Project

The Story of Algo Goito

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   TurtleWill is dedicated to the improvement of the lives of traditional peoples in Ethiopia, Mali and Niger in a manner that is consistent with their traditions and cultures, through locally driven projects that maintain choice.

Who We Help:Click Here to Donate Online

Peoples in the remote bush with little recourse to medical, economic or educational aid; who are often ignored by their own governments; and who are reached by the world's major humanitarian organizations only in times of national catastrophes.

Populations helped include the Tuareg and Wodaabe nomads of Niger; the Tuareg, Dogon, Fulani, Songhai and Bozo of Mali; the Mursi, Karo, Hamar and Borana of southern Ethiopia.

If we don't help, who will?

What We Do:

We work to preserve communities and lifestyles so that these cultures may remain intact. TurtleWill support includes:

Providing medicines, temporary clinics and hospital treatment to keep the community healthy and stable.  More About Volunteer Funded Medical Programs...

Jan with Tuareg patients, Niger
Dr Elizabeth and Maya with Dogon patient, Mali
Mursi patients waiting outside medical tent, Ethiopia
Tuareg patients waiting their turns, Mali

Funding schools and education to give individuals the tools for growth and for defense against external exploitation.  More About Education...

Tuareg children Tamazalak School, Niger
Tuareg straw school, Mizene, Niger
Women’s Literacy Class, Tamazalak, Niger
Wodaabe children, Girka School Niger

Funding cooperatives to teach skills that generate income for greater economic stability.  More About Cooperatives...

Tenilat Food Cooperative, Niger
Nia Leatherwork Cooperative, Niger
Tamazalak Sewing Cooperative, Niger
Tamazalak Basketry Cooperative, Niger

Digging wells for additional water resources as lands shrink and people congregate closer together.  More About Digging Wells...

Pump Well for Tuareg TINAIT community, Timbucktu region, Mali
Thunen Well being dug, Air Mountains, Niger

Funding animal health programs so that nomadism remains economically viable.  More About Animal Health Projects...

Tuareg girl with herd of goats, Niger
Wodaabe women and donkeys, Niger

   These are places and people where the world's major humanitarian organizations respond only in times of national catastrophes, if at all.

   These are populations that are often ignored by their own governments.

   If we don't help, who will?

Choose the project or projects you'd like to help us with!
Medical Projects
Sending a tribal person to a hospital at a distance $100
1 month’s supply of malaria medicines and antibiotics for a small village $200
1 three-wheeled wheelchair for a polio victim $250
Cleft lip and palate corrective surgeries for tribal children $1500
Help us fulfill our TurtleWill Mobile Bush Clinics dream of sending medical teams monthly into remote areas of Niger, Mali and Ethiopia, staffed by local doctors and nurses. The simplest medical care can save lives.
12-day Bush Clinic including medical staff, vehicle rental and medicines, treating 2000-2500 patients $16,000
School Projects, Per Year
School supplies, books and medicines for 50 students $500
Blankets and uniforms for 50 boarding students $750
3 daily meals for a bush school with 50 students ($95/student) $4750
Continuing education, 9-12th grade in Niger, Mali or Ethiopia for one student $1000-2000
Dormitory Construction for boys or girls in Niger or Mali $3000-6500
Animal Health Programs for the Nomad
Populations of Niger and Mali
1 goat: $45; 1 sheep: $55; 1 donkey: $75; 1 cow: $300
Community Projects
1 Food Cooperative, Handicrafts Cooperative or Sewing Cooperative in Mali or Niger $1500
1 well in Niger or Mali for bush communities $5-12,000
Join Us As a Volunteer

   Come along on one of our two week programs as a Health Care Professional or as a Staff Assistant (for which no medical training is required). Either way, you will be a great help!!!! And you will have a wonderful time getting to know our dear tribal friends.

Call us for more information and costs: (888) 299-1439.
Or see our link: Volunteer-Funded Medical Programs

When is a book more than a book!

   Buy a book and make a difference! Profits from the purchase of the new book "To Life in the Small Corners" go to support the work of TurtleWill. The book by long time TurtleWill supporter and traveler Carol A. Scribner is a journey of the heart to ten exotic small corners of the planet told through her photography and poetic prose. To learn more about the book and order a copy click here Some times a book is not just a book!


  To help, please send us your checks made out to TurtleWill or donate online.

  TurtleWill is now able to accept Marketable Securities as donations.

  TurtleWill is a 501 (C) (3) non-profit organization. Your contributions are tax-exempt and we will gratefully send you an acknowledgement. Tax ID number: 86-1039391

   Working together we can make a difference.

TurtleWill Inc. Box 1147, Carefree, AZ 85377 
Toll-Free: (888) 299-1439 Phone: (480) 488-3688 Fax: (480) 488-3406 

501 (c ) (3) Tax ID number: 86-1039391