Turtle Will is dedicated to improving lives and helping the people of Ethiopia, Niger, and Mali. We arrive with a purpose to maintain the consistency of their cultures and traditions while providing care through local projects that give them the freedom that will preserve their traditions and retain dignity.

Here at Turtle Will, we provide support to those living in remote areas with little to no resources of medical, economical, and educational aid. We provide support to those who are neglected and ignore by their governments and national organizations.

We aim to provide consistent work in able to preserve lifestyles and communities so that these cultures will keep their traditions while gaining the modern benefits of today.

Turtle Will aim to preserve the local communities and their traditional lifestyles. Through our work, we have managed to provide medical help, hospital treatments, and temporary clinics to provide stable and healthy communities.

We at Turtle Will also work to provide appropriate funding for schools to help educate the youth and give them the fundamental tools for growth against exploitation within the community. We believe that through our services, we can build the not just the women and children but also the entire community.

After all, if we don’t help these people, who will?