How to Help

Turtle Will has a strong commitment to delivering the best quality help with the most cost-effective programming. As an organization, we focus on developing the sustainable form of funding to help traditional communities thrive from within. We work to use our means to contributing them towards meeting our mission goals.

Choose where you would like to help contribute to us.


Through our medical projects, we send tribal citizens to a hospital needed for their health treatments. With a range from $100 to $15,000 – we provide a variety of services such as offering a 30-day supply of malaria medicine and antibiotics fit for a village, wheelchairs for polio victims, medical outreach where we transport doctors to the villages for a 24-hour clinic, and deformity corrective surgeries for tribal children.


With a range from $350 to $4750, we provide help in giving children the means to an education for a brighter future. Through donations, we provide school supplies, medicine, uniforms, blankets, and 3 meals a day to as many as 50 children. We also help provide continuing education for students of the grade 9 to 12, a 3-month literacy program for women, and technical school in Ethiopia.


Within our community outreach, we provide an entire month’s supply of food for the local tribal areas, food coops, handcrafts and sewing cooperatives for the areas of Niger and Mali. We have also provided wells in the Mali and Niger communities.

Join us and make a difference in more lives than one. Through your donations, we can help support more families and help them gain more possibilities.